Paul Cory

Deathface Ginny vs Big Alice

Deathface Ginny (Emily Finke) faces off against Big Alice (Jessica Smith). Characters are from the comic: Pretty Deadly.


Alys Adamantium as the villain Parallax.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose (Twiliheart Cosplay) from the anime series RWBY.

Queen of the Gotham Night

Alys Adamantium as the Jim Balent Catwoman.

Steampunk Punk Princess

Artifex Alyssum poses in her creation.


Marvel Comic's X-23 by Atomic Muffins Cosplay.

Zombie vs Elf

The Elf appears to be in trouble... From the Carolina D20 Girls shoot at Castle McCulloch.

Moonstone and Taskmaster

Marvel Comics' villains Moonstone (Jen Pawley) and Taskmaster (Brian Eason).

Princess Sara on the Bridge of Lanterns

Princess Sara (Final Fantasy 3 concept art version) cosplayed by Elizabeth Turner. Carolina D20 girls short at Castle McCulloch.

Steampunk Porcelain Doll

Angela Pritchett as steampunk porcelain doll.

Sith Lord

Chris Davis as a Sith Lord (Star Wars).

Jennifer Morgan

Shannon Swearingen as Jennifer Morgan from the comic book series, The Lost World of the Warlord.

Tauriel on the Hunt

Tauriel (Rebecca Larken) hunting through the forest late on a fall afternoon.

Breakfast with the Witch, B&W

Diana McQueen as The Witch Who Came to Breakfast. Shot on location shortly after dawn at the Morning Times in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Sir Josh the Green Knight and Valkyrja as Jedi awaiting the enemy rush. Lit entirely by their light blades.

Glinda the Good Witch

Cosplayer Jennifer DeVoll as Glinda the Good Witch at DragonCon 2013.


Ariel, cosplay by Claudia Vainglory

Skyrim Warrior

Maggie Bennett as a warrior from the gam Skyrim. Taken at the Festival of Legends outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Steampunk, Blue and Smoky

Artifex Alyssum models one of her steampunk creations.


Valkyrja Cosplay as Saber from Saber, from Fate/Stay Night. From a commissioned photo shoot at Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Kimberly Willis-Starin as Midna. Shot in the lobby of the Con Carolinas hotel to take advantage of the wonderful shadows created by the skylights. I used a couple of highly controlled flashes to accent her face and parts of her costume that were falling into too deep shadow.

Sweet Innocent Evil

A delightful little girl attending the Animazement convention in Raleigh. North Carolina.

Deja Thoris

Allegriana as Deja Thoris at Mysticon 2014 in Roanoke, Virginia.

Assassin's Creed Cosplay

A cosplay inspired by the long-running Assassin's Creed video game series.


DC Comics villain Catman.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of Dead (Dawn Compton) stalks the unwary at Dragon Con.

The Baconization of Wonder Woman

Circe (Jessica Smith) cackles with delight at the reaction of Col. Steve Trevor (Zadoch Manny Camacho) to her turning his girlfriend Wonder Woman into Wonder Pig. Characters from DC Comics.


Viridian Siren Creations as Midna from the Legenda of Zelda video game.